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[EVJF] The bachelorette party of Alexandria on the island of Nantes:

There are Saturdays that make you happy!!! This Saturday, we will join ten ladies!! Finally, nine ladies and a future bride more exactly. And it is with joy that Alexa discovers that her friends have reserved a surprise for her, and not the least: A photo shoot! Charlotte, who was at the origin of the surprise, had carefully prepared the accessories and outfits without forgetting the candy ^^ We had made an appointment at the nave on the island of Nantes. The rain forcing us to change the program initially planned... For more than an hour we went from laughter to emotions. Between laughs, series of portraits under a rain of bubbles, gazelle jumps, confetti throw, scenario, languid poses, sharing candy, kissing sessions... We took out the whole panoply!!!! Finally, a bachelorette party is nothing more than a way to show your friendship to a person who is dear to us. In this sense, I can say that Alexiane was very surrounded and pampered. Nine young women determined to offer their friend an unforgettable afternoon of fun. We were both delighted to meet them and moved by their demonstrations of friendship and fraternity. What a beautiful complicity! Mission accomplished the girls! I sincerely think that Alexandria will not soon forget this EVJF that you organized for her. Here are some excerpts..




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